Mineral Titles: Surveys

Legal survey plans are approved by the Surveyor General of British Columbia and can be viewed in Tantalis Gator, BC's Crown Land registry, or viewed spatially on many government mapping applications including Mineral Titles Online (MTO). 

An Electronic Plan Crown (EPC) is also an official survey plan that is electronically submitted to and approved by the Surveyor General.  However, not all EPC’s are added to the Primary Survey Parcel (Tantalis) mapping layer for viewing.

The EPC surveys listed below relate to mineral titles and may not be viewable in any mapping data layer and are provided here for research purposes.

Note:  The EPC numbers are linked directly to the Tantalis GATOR registry.  The MTO Survey Event Number is linked directly to the MTO registry.

 Electronic Plan Number

 MTO Survey Event Number

 BCGS (20K) Map Sheet

 EPC000010  4120726 93A052
 EPC000018  4123848 93A052, 93A053
 EPC000019  4123849 93A052
 EPC000020  4165849 93A052
 EPC000021  no registered event 93A052, 93A053
 EPC000022  4120727 93A052
 EPC000029  4220831 104N064
 EPC000086  4866477 92H038
 EPC000095  4212587 92H045
 EPC000096  4206398 94E006, 94E007
 EPC000097  4156852 104I028, 104I019, 104I029
 EPC000098  4156851 104H071, 104H072, 104H061, 104H062
 EPC000180  4207592 104G013
 EPC000181  4232752 104G003, 104G013
 EPC000182  4232753 104G009, 104G019
 EPC000195  4186690 82K062
 EPC000217  4220830 82G041
 EPC000304  5583757 92J063
 EPC000311  5583751 92O042, 92O043
 EPC000330  5583753 93N010, 93O001, 92O011
 EPC000382  4574771 92K021, 92K031
 EPC000415  4559972 93M019, 93M029
 EPC000420  5125454 92N069
 EPC000423  5162572 93A083
 EPC000431  5162234 82G061, 82G071
 EPC000448  4814190 93A052
 EPC000461  4560131 104B049, 104B059
 EPC000462  4560151 104B049, 104B059, 104B069
 EPC000473  4559971 82K072
 EPC000483  4220830 82G041
 EPC000503  4812422 92G094, 92G095
 EPC000561  4816409 104H071, 104H072
 EPC000562  4866972 104H062, 104H072
 EPC000563  4814189 104H072
 EPC000564  4866980 104H072
 EPC000623  4965027 93A052
 EPC000637  4965027 93A052
 EPC000727  4927327 92J047
 EPC000756  5158080 93E065
 EPC000761  5432380 104G013
 EPC000762  5291252 104G013
 EPC000763  5413139 104G023, 104G024
 EPC000764  5271554 104G005
 EPC000765  5271555 104G005
 EPC000766  5271558 104G005, 104G006
 EPC000767  5423227 93B049, 93B059
 EPC000792  5281551 92H046
 EPC000798  5397639 103P043, 103P044
 EPC000807  5193421 92J060
 EPC000921  5438960 94B042
 EPC000926  5420520 92G094, 92G095
 EPC000962  5463772 82E012, 82E022
 EPC000993  no registered event 82E003
 EPC000998  5582689 92H038
 EPC001031  5458440 82G041
 EPC001055  5567557 92G064
 EPC001073  no registered event 92H028, 92H038
 EPC001088  5498374 93K005
 EPC001117  5477646 92J063
 EPC001158  5567558 92F078
 EPC001165  5505939 92J013, 92J014
 EPC001188  5529563 92H089
 EPC001212  5582687 93J009
 EPC001242  5567555 104B050
 EPC001359  5582686  93J009
 EPC001387  5582671 104B050
 EPC001388  5567551 104O099
 EPC001409  5582670 82K098, 82K088
 EPC001438  5582687 93J009
 EPC000956  5679069 92I058, 92I059, 92I068, 92I069
 EPC001412  5693063 093I047, 093I048, 093I057
 EPC001368  5693059 103G040
 EPC001439  5582686 093J009
 EPC001389  no registered event 082K026
 EPC001348  5616731 092G020
 EPC001445  5617080 092G095
 EPC001500  no registered event 082G061
 EPC001441  no registered event 082L067
 EPC001530  5643212 092C060
 EPC001727  5696185 092E078
 EPC001728  5696193 092E078
 EPC001783  5740666 092F053
 EPC001818  5711368 092J004
 EPC001919  5741635 093P011
 EPC001906  5745148 082E073
 EPC001982  5773664  093B047, 093B057
 EPC001974  5800997 082F044
 EPC001793  no registered event 093I095, 093P005