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Critical Minerals Atlas


Openfile 2023-02: Critical minerals in British Columbia: An atlas of occurrences and producing mines, 2023


New annual publications

Paper 2024-01: Geological Fieldwork 2023, a summary of field activities and current research

Information Circular 2024-01Provincial Overview of Exploration and Mining in British Columbia, 2023

Openfile 2024-01: Mines, mine development, selected proposed mines, and selected exploration projects in British Columbia, 2023




New publications

Information Circular 2024-02British Columbia Geological Survey 

Information Circular 2024-03British Columbia Geological Survey Mineral Development Office

Information Circular 2024-04Online databases at the British Columbia Geological Survey





GeoFile 2024-01Exploration and mining in British Columbia, 2023

GeoFile 2024-02Exploration and mining highlights, Northwest Region, 2023

GeoFile 2024-03Exploration and mining highlights, North Central and Northeast regions, 2023





GeoFile 2024-04Exploration and mining highlights, South Central region, 2023

GeoFile 2024-05Exploration and mining highlights, Southeast Region, 2023 

GeoFile 2024-06Exploration and mining highlights, Southwest Region, 2023 





GeoFile 2024-07Assessment report summary: Expenditures and activities 2021

GeoFile 2024-08MINFILE: British Columbia’s mineral occurrence database

GeoFile 2024-11Ore and alteration textures from Co-bearing iron skarns: Examples from Vancouver and Texada islands





GeoFile 2024-09Update of rock geochemical database at the British Columbia Geological Survey

GeoFile 2024-10Geochemical and magnetic susceptibility analyses of samples collected from the Gladys Lake area, near Atlin, northwest British Columbia (NTS 104N/11, 13, 14, and 15)

Information Circular 2024-05Critical Minerals





GeoFile 2024-12Update on geology of the Gladys Lake area, northwest British Columbia, and ultramafic associated massive sulfide potential.

GeoFile 2024-13Report on samples collected for radiolaria identification in the Gladys Lake-Mount Bryde area, near Atlin, British Columbia. 

GeoFile 2024-14Dynamic magmatic processes recorded in the Tulameen ultramafic-mafic Alaskan-type intrusion from outcrop-scale structures and mineral-scale textures. 





Openfile 2024-03: Mapping surficial sediments in the Interior Plateau using remotely piloted aircraft system lidar

GeoFile 2024-15Ore and alteration textures of limestone-hosted magnetite-sulphide mineralization at the Merry Widow deposit, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Openfile 2024-04: Quantifying potassium concentrations in Interior Plateau surface sediments using remotely piloted aircraft system gamma-ray spectrometry





Geoscience Map 2024-01: Bedrock geology, Bonaparte Lake-Quesnel River, parts of NTS 92P, 93A, 93B







Peer-reviewed journals, volume publications and contributions to partner publications, 2023


Peer-reviewed journals and volume publications

Bai, S., Lei, R., Brzozowski, M.J., Hao, L., Zhang, K., and Wu, C., 2023. Constraints on the timing of magmatism and raremetal
mineralization in the Fangzheng Rb deposit, Altay, NW China: Implications for the spatiotemporal controls on rare-metal
mineralization. Ore Geology Reviews, 157, article 105427.

Bain, W., Hollings, P., Djon, L.M., Brzozowski, M.J., Layton-Matthew, D., and Dobosz, A., 2023. The geology, geochemistry,
and magmatic evolution of the Legris Lake mafic-ultramafic complex, Ontario, Canada. Mineralium Deposita 59,85-108(2024).

Brzozowski, M.J., Hollings, P., Heggie, G., MacTavish, A., Wilton, D., and Evans-Lamswood, D., 2023. Characterizing the
supra- and subsolidus processes that generated the Current PGE-Cu-Ni deposit, Thunder Bay North Intrusive Complex, Canada:
insights from trace elements and multiple S isotopes of sulfides. Mineralium Deposita 58, 1559-1581(2023).   

Brzozowski, M.J., Hollings, P., Zhu, J., and Creaser, R.A., 2023. Osmium isotopes record a complex magmatic history during
the early stages of formation of the North American Midcontinent Rift-Implications for rift initiation and platinum-group
element mineralization. Lithos, 436-437, article 106966.

Chen, J., Shao, Y., Xiong, Y., He, H., Brzozowski, M.J., Wen, C., Zhou, L., Lu, W., and Shi, J., 2023. Mechanisms of ore
formation in Silurian (Caledonian) scheelite deposits of the Nanling Range, South China: a case study from the Pingtan W
deposit. Ore Geology Reviews, 154, article 105347.

Di, H., Shao, Y., Jiang, S., Brzozowski, M.J., Wang, Z., and Xiong, Y., 2023. Identifying superimposed W-Sn mineralization
events using cassiterite microtextures, trace-element chemistry, and geochronology. Ore Geology Reviews, 153, article 105281.

Hao, Y., Feng, Y., Liang, T., Brzozowski, M.J., Ju, M., Zhou, R., and Wang, Y., 2023. Quantitative evaluation of metamictisation
of columbite-(Mn) from rare-element pegmatites using Raman spectroscopy. Mineralogical Magazine. 2023;87(3): 337-347.   

Hu, J., Zhang, Y., Jia, D., Muxworthy, A., Selby, D., Li, Y., Brzozowski, M.J., Wei, G., Cao, J., Yin, H., and Li, W., 2023.
Combining paleomagnetic and Re-Os isotope data to date hydrocarbon generation and accumulation processes. Journal of
Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 128, article e2022JB025955

Jones, G., Ootes, L., Luo, Y.A., Vezinet, A., Stern, R., Milidragovic, D., and Pearson, D.G., 2023. The relative roles of ancient
and juvenile crust in building accretionary orogens-Minimal ancient crust involved in the magmatic evolution of a North
American Cordillera accreted terrane indicated by igneous zircon Hf-O. Lithos, article 107213.

Jun, M., Zhao, S., Brzozowski, M.J., Li, H., Wu, C., and Li, W., 2023. Geology, geochemistry and genesis of the world-class
Shizhushan wollastonite deposit, Mengshan area, South China. Ore Geology Reviews, 158, article 105469.

Liu, J., Yang, J., Cao, Y., Ding, T., Brzozowski, M.J., Zhang, H., Zheng, X., and Zhao, T., 2023. Indium mineralization and
genesis of the Bainiuchang Ag-Sn polymetallic deposit in southeast Yunnan, China: Evidence from mineral chemistry and U-Pb
geochronology. Ore Geology Reviews, 158, article 105531.

Liu, Y., Zhao, Y., Xue, C., Wang, R., Chu, H., Zhao, X., Brzozowski, M.J., Seltmann, R., Chen, J., and Gao, J., 2023. Multiple
stages of Au mobilization and in the Changshagou Au deposit, Eastern Tianshan, NW China: insights from mineral chemistry
and fluid inclusions. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 255, article 105756.

Milidragovic, D., Nott, J.A., Spence, D.W., Schumann, D., Scoates, J.S., Nixon, G.T., and Stern, R.A., 2023. Sulfate recycling
at subduction zones indicated by sulfur isotope systematics of Mesozoic ultramafic island arc cumulates in the North American
Cordillera. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 620, article 118337.

Milidragovic, D., Ootes, L., Zagorevski, A., Cleven, N., Wall, C.J., and Luo, Y., 2023. Detrital geochronology of the
Cunningham Lake formation: an overlap succession linking Cache Creek terrane to Stikinia at ~205 Ma. Canadian Journal of
Earth Sciences, 60

Muhtar, M., Xiao, W., Brzozowski, M.J., Chen, S., Aibai, A., Wang, M., and Wu, C., 2023. Genetic link between orogenic Au
and porphyry Cu (-Au) mineralization in the Dananhu Arc, NW China: Evidence from geochronology, geochemistry, and Sr-Nd-
Hf isotopes of the Tudunbei Au deposit. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 253, article 107280.

Norris, J.R., Tosdal, R.M., Lipske, J., and Wilson, A.J., 2023. Late-stage low-temperature hydrothermal alteration overprint at
the East zone in the Red Chris porphyry Cu-Au deposit, northwestern British Columbia, Canada. Economic Geology, 118, 391-

Rasmussen, K.L., Falck, H., Elongo, V., Reimink, J., Yan Luo, Y.D., Pearson, D.G., Ootes, L., Creaser, R.A., and Pilar
Lecumberri-Sanchez, P., 2023. The source of tungsten-associated magmas in the northern Canadian Cordillera and implications
for the basement. Geology, 51, 657-662.

Sun, X., Li, X., Lei, R., Brzozowski, M.J., Ma, H., Li, W., Xia, M., Yu, Y., and Wu, C., 2023. Paleoproterozoic crustal evolution
of the Tarim Craton, NW China: Constraints from geochronology and geochemistry of orthogneisses and granitic veins in the
Xingdi region of the Quruqtagh Block. Precambrian Research, 399, article 107247.

Wang, Y., Lai, J., Cao, Y., and Brzozowski, M.J., 2023. Compositional variations of magnetite in different sulfide ore types in
the Jinchuan Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposit, NW China: insights into the mineralizing processes of conduit-type systems. Chemical
Geology, 637, article 121679

Wu, S., Lei, R., Brzozowski, M.J., Wang, W., Yuan, H., and Wu, C., 2023. Early Neoproterozoic magmatism in the Central
Tianshan Block, China: Implications for its tectono-magmatic evolution and relationship to Rodinia. Precambrian Research,
397, article 107203

Ye, H., Wu, C., Brzozowski, M.J., Yang, T., Sun, X., Lei, R., and Li, W., 2023. Genesis of the Longwanggou iron deposit in the
Yudongzi complex, South China: Implications for the redox state of seawater at the onset of the Great Oxidation Event. Ore
Geology Reviews, 159, article 105562

Database updates

Digital Geoscience Data
The Digital Geoscience Data page is available for current versions of our regularly updated datasets. 

Assessment report-sourced surface sediment geochemical database
Development and initial data release from the Interior Plateau. British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, British Columbia Geological Survey GeoFile 2019-04, 9p., version 2020-05-15. Also available on MapPlace in the Assessment Report (ARIS) layer.

Property File
Property File has grown to more than 82,800 items, with recent additions from private collections and public release of the George Cross Newsletter. The MINFILE bibliography now links more than 9500 MINFILE records directly to Property File (EMPR PFD entries in Bibliography).

A Bedrock Map Index layer is available on MapPlace in the Geology folder. The layer displays footprints for most BCGS and GBC bedrock maps; the maptip provides a link to publication details and downloads. MapPlace now also has 1:50,000-scale NTS and 1:20,000-scale TRIM hydrographic features, road networks, and contours in the Base Maps folder.

Assessment report-sourced surface sediment geochemical (ARSSG) data are available on MapPlace as two layers. One layer shows all samples, the other shows the reports that have been digitized. Both have maptips that link to the ARSSG website where all result details can be viewed and report-specific kml downloads are available. The layers are in the ARIS – Digitized Data group under the Mineral Inventory Folder.

A new layer on MapPlace presents data from a Geoscience BC Project: Georeferencing and Data Capture of National Instrument 43-101 Reports in British Columbia: The project examined publicly available information about British Columbian minerals projects submitted to the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) between August 2004 and October 2019 in National Instrument 43-101 (NI 43-101) technical reports to identify and provide spatial information. Information contained in the 43-101 reports was used to update MINFILE occurrences. The spatial layer on MapPlace provides the location of the reports.

Project information and publication release:


Assessment Report digital data submission

Please submit any digital data files (spreadsheets, databases, maps, grids, etc.) used or created in relation to the work described in the technical assessment report. Data can be uploaded through the ARIS Data Submission page, submitted by CD/DVD/USB when a report is filed, or e-mailed to Reports themselves must be submitted to Archives of previous assessment report data are accepted and encouraged for submission. Types of data to be submitted include:

  • Geochemical data: sample location information, sample descriptions/notes, analytical certificates (e.g. .csv, .xlsx, .accdb)
  • Geological data: station location information, station descriptions/notes, structural measurements, mapping polygons and features (e.g. .csv, .xlsx, .shp)
  • Drilling data: collar location information, azimuth/dip, depth, downhole orientation surveys, core logs, sample intervals, geotechnical measurements, analytical certificates (e.g. .csv, .xlsx, .accdb)
  • Geophysical data (ground and airborne): raw data, processed data (e.g. .gdb, .xyz, .csv, .grd)
  • Imagery data: LiDAR, orthophotos, DEMs, ASTER (e.g. .tif, .dem, other raw data files)
  • GIS Products
  • Any other raw or processed digital files used in the creation of the report

The British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS) makes these data available for download alongside PDF files through ARIS once the confidentiality period ends. Availability of digital data enables future users to more efficiently build upon work completed in previous exploration and development programs.