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Workshop sponsors

Cordilleran Geoscience: A 2020 perspective
Program with abstracts

Cordilleran Geoscience: A 2020 perspective, originally planned for March 2020, has been rescheduled as a virtual workshop. Devoted to the latest research about the geology, geophysics, metallogeny, and mineral deposits of the Cordillera, the workshop will be held as a Zoom conference on October 5, 2020 from 9:00 am to 2:45 pm (PST).

To register, at no cost, please email
Registration closes Wednesday, September 30 or when maximum capacity (500) is reached.

View the Program with abstracts (PDF, 500 KB)

Cover image of Cordilleran Geoscience Workshop 2020

New releases

Open File 2020-04:   Geology of the Polaris Alaskan-type ultramafic-mafic intrusion, north-central British Columbia

GeoFile 2020-09:   Table of British Columbia coal resources, 2020

GeoFile 2020-07:    Paleozoic carbonate-hosted deposits of the southern Rocky Mountains: A review

Image of BCGS Open File 2020-04

Cover image of BCGS GeoFile 2020-09

Image of BCGS GeoFile 2020-07

Database updates

Digital Geoscience Data
The Digital Geoscience Data page is available for current versions of our regularly updated datasets. 

A Bedrock Map Index layer is available on MapPlace in the Geology folder. The layer displays footprints for most BCGS and GBC bedrock maps; the maptip provides a link to publication details and downloads. MapPlace now also has 1:50,000-scale NTS and 1:20,000-scale TRIM hydrographic features, road networks, and contours in the Base Maps folder.

Assessment report-sourced surface sediment geochemical (ARSSG) data are available on MapPlace as two layers. One layer shows all samples, the other shows the reports that have been digitized. Both have maptips that link to the ARSSG website where all result details can be viewed and report-specific kml downloads are available. The layers are in the ARIS – Digitized Data group under the Mineral Inventory Folder.

Assessment report-sourced surface sediment geochemical database: Development and initial data release from the Interior Plateau. British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, British Columbia Geological Survey GeoFile 2019-04, 9p., version 2020-05-15. Also available on MapPlace in the Assessment Report (ARIS) layer.

Property File
Property File has grown to more than 82,800 items, with recent additions from private collections and public release of the George Cross Newsletter. The MINFILE bibliography now links more than 9500 MINFILE records directly to Property File (EMPR PFD entries in Bibliography).

New annual publications

Provincial overview of exploration and mining in British Columbia, 2019Fieldwork 2019    

British Columbia Coal industry overview, 2019Operating mines and selected exploration projects in British Columbia, 2019

Assessment Report digital data submission

Please submit any digital data files (spreadsheets, databases, maps, grids, etc.) used or created in relation to the work described in the technical assessment report. Data can be uploaded through the ARIS Data Submission page, submitted by CD/DVD/USB when a report is filed, or e-mailed to Reports themselves must be submitted to Archives of previous assessment report data are accepted and encouraged for submission. Types of data to be submitted include:

  • Geochemical data: sample location information, sample descriptions/notes, analytical certificates (e.g. .csv, .xlsx, .accdb)
  • Geological data: station location information, station descriptions/notes, structural measurements, mapping polygons and features (e.g. .csv, .xlsx, .shp)
  • Drilling data: collar location information, azimuth/dip, depth, downhole orientation surveys, core logs, sample intervals, geotechnical measurements, analytical certificates (e.g. .csv, .xlsx, .accdb)
  • Geophysical data (ground and airborne): raw data, processed data (e.g. .gdb, .xyz, .csv, .grd)
  • Imagery data: LiDAR, orthophotos, DEMs, ASTER (e.g. .tif, .dem, other raw data files)
  • GIS Products
  • Any other raw or processed digital files used in the creation of the report

The British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS) makes these data available for download alongside PDF files through ARIS once the confidentiality period ends. Availability of digital data enables future users to more efficiently build upon work completed in previous exploration and development programs.

Peer-reviewed journals, volume publications and contributions to partner publications, 2020

Clennett, E. J., Sigloch, K., Mihalynuk,M. G., Seton, M., Henderson, M. A., Hosseini, K., et al. (2020). Aquantitative tomotectonic plate reconstruction of western North America and the eastern Pacific basin. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems,20, e2020GC009117.

Nixon, G.T., Scheel, J.E., Scoates, J.S., Friedman, R.M., Wall, C.J., Gabites, J., and Jackson-Brown, S., 2020. Syn-accretionary multistage assembly of an Early Jurassic Alaskan-type intrusion in the Canadian Cordillera: U–Pb and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the Turnagain ultramafic–mafic intrusive complex, Yukon–Tanana terrane.  Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 2020, Vol. 57, No. 5: pp. 575-600.

Ootes, L., Sandeman, H., Cousens, B.L., Lou, Y., Pearson, D.G., and Jackson, V.A., 2020. Pyroxenitic magma conduits (ca. 1.86 Ga) in Wopmay orogen and slave craton: Petrogenetic constraints from whole rock and mineral chemistry. Lithos, v. 354-355, 105220. 

Paradis, S., Hnatyshin, D., Simandl, G.J., and Creaser, R.A., 2020. Re-Os pyrite geochronology of the Yellowhead-type mineralization, Pend Oreille mine, Kootenay arc, Metaline district, Washington. Economic Geology,

Bouzari, F., Lee, R.G., Hart, C.J.R., and van Straaten, B.I., 2020. Porphyry vectoring within advanced argillic-altered rocks of British Columbia. In: Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2019: Minerals, Geoscience BC Report 2020–01, pp. 115–130.

Castonguay, S., Ootes, L., Devine, F., and Friedman, R., 2020. Superimposed Late Cretaceous and earliest Eocene gold mineralization and deformation events along the Llewellyn-Tally Ho deformation corridor in northwest British Columbia and southern Yukon. In: Mercier-Langevin, P., Lawley, C.J.M., and Castonguay, S., (Eds.), Targeted Geoscience Initiative 5: Contributions to the Understanding of Canadian Gold Systems. Geological Survey of Canada Open File 8712, pp. 223–236.

Cutts, J.A., Dipple, G.M., Hart, C., and Milidragovic, D., 2020. Assessment of carbon mineralization potential of British Columbia by quantifying the response of physical properties to the alteration of ultramafic rocks. Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2019: Minerals, Geoscience BC, Report 2020-01, p. 137-144.