Mineral Inventory

MINFILE contains geological, location and economic information on more than 14,750 metallic, industrial mineral and coal mines, deposits and occurrences in  British Columbia.

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Download MINFILE/pc (ZIP, 36 MB; Updated Daily).

MINFILE/pc Version 5 is a user-friendly, MS Access application, downloadable for local PC use.  MINFILE/pc has an interface similar to MINFILE, which is an web-based search application consisting of basic and advanced searches, on-screen occurrence summary data and other reports and downloads. MINFILE/pc provides a portable extract of the MINFILE database along with search forms and printable reports. The download contains a MINFILE/pc Help file.

Application Features

  • MINFILE/pc, through 8 menu-driven basic or advanced screens, enables the user to search the MINFILE Database on a variety of exploration and/or geological parameters.
  • MINFILE/pc reports include Search Results, Record Summary, Detail Report, Inventory and Production Details, and Inventory and Production Summaries.
  • Help desk support is free of charge from the Mineral Inventory Geologist and the downloadable Help File describes the installation and application.

MINFILE Downloads

Download MINFILE data from DataBC and view MINFILE Metadata.  These datasets are updated daily.

Mineral Occurrence Database

Inventory Database

Production Database

What's New

View a listing of new occurrences and updates in the MINFILE database.