Our Forests. Our Future.

A new vision for B.C. forests  

Our forests make B.C. one of the best places to live. B.C.’s forests are cherished places for all of us. They nurture plants, wildlife and fish in watersheds, and they have provided good-paying jobs for generations. We all want to leave healthy forests as a legacy for our kids and grandkids. If we take care of our forests, they will take care of us.

Our new vision for forestry in B.C. is one where:

  • We better care for our oldest and most ancient forests
  • Indigenous Peoples are meaningful partners in how forests are managed
  • Communities have a sustainable future with new opportunities

Changing how we care for old growth forests

lick this photo of a forest to learn about how we are better caring for millions of hectares of ancient forests.

Following the recommendations of the Old Growth Strategic Review, we are taking steps to fundamentally transform the way we manage our forest lands and resources, including millions of hectares of ancient forests, by moving forward with First Nations.

Old growth forests in B.C.

Managing the health of our forests

Click this photo of two people walking in a forest to learn about how we are making sure our forests stay healthy.

We're updating the Forest and Range Practices Act to make sure our forests stay healthy. These updates support our vision to put ecosystems first, secure jobs for the future and better share all the benefits for a stronger B.C.

Forest Range and Practices Act

Working with Indigenous partners

Click this photo of an Indigenous person to learn about how we are working with Indigenous partners.

We need to increase economic and land management opportunities for Indigenous Peoples. Doing so aligns with the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act and advances the well-being of Indigenous communities. We’re taking the next step toward a brighter future where Indigenous Peoples are full partners in managing forests in B.C.

Working with Indigenous partners

Support for forestry workers and rural communities

Our new vision for B.C. forests includes help for those affected by changes to the forestry industry. The Province will provide coordinated and comprehensive supports for workers by looking at how we can improve existing programs and through the development of new programs.

Support for workers

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