Forest innovation

British Columbia commits to adapt, adopt and develop technologies and innovations to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the B.C. forest sector. This will accelerate the transition from a conventional forest economy towards a local, sustainable forest bioeconomy.


The Story of B.C. Wood


Collaborating across academic and industry sectors 

The Province collaborates with academic and industry partners such as the Bioproducts Institute and B.C. Pulp & Paper Bioproducts Alliance (B.C. Bio-Alliance) to support research and manufacturing of advanced bioproducts. The focus of these collaborations includes developing new high-value biomaterials, biochemicals and high-tech applications.

New Clean-Tech Innovation Strategy 

B.C. has developed a Clean-Tech Innovation Strategy for the B.C. Forest Sector (PDF, 2.2MB). The goal of this strategy is innovation within the forest sector, promoting commercialization to enhance forest resources and increase product value. The Innovation Strategy informs bioeconomy research and development from academic and industry partners. This focuses on enhancing B.C.'s forest sector competitiveness, sustainability and support for communities and First Nations.