Visual Resource Training Opportunities

The visual resource management program offers “as-needed” training, including:

  • VRM-101 – Introduction to Visual Resource Management (office, two days)
  • Visual Impact Assessment (office, one day)
  • Visual Landscape Design (office, two days) or online
  • Effectiveness Evaluation (office, one day; field, one day)
  • VQO Inspections (office, one day; field, one day)
  • Visual Landscape Inventory (three days)

To learn more, contact a provincial or regional visual resource management specialist via the Useful Contacts box at right.

Visual Landscape Inventory Training

Visual Landscape Inventory (VLI) work requires qualified personnel who have completed the three-day VLI training course offered by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. This VLI manual is the student manual for the three-day VLI course:

Visual Effectiveness Evaluation Training

This document explains procedures and standards for evaluating whether forestry operations meet established visual quality objectives (VQOs) in designated scenic areas. Its main focus is to measure viewing conditions for clearcut, patch-retention and partial-cut alterations – the majority of current alterations in B.C.’s scenic areas – in mid-distance view, i.e., 1 to 8 km from the viewpoint.

Visual Landscape Design Training

The following manual presents concepts and principles to assist in meeting VQOs. It’s a reference document supporting the design phase of the visual resource management process. NOTE: large file.