Visual Resource Legislation & Policies

Setting Scenic Objectives

Once the sensitivity of a landscape has been assessed, a Visual Quality Objective (VQO) is established to guide forest management activities. VQOs describe levels of visual alteration appropriate for landscapes based on their visual sensitivity. VQOs are established at the local level by the resource district manager in consultation with First Nations, the public and other stakeholders. The Forest Planning and Practices Regulation defines five classes of VQO: Preservation, Retention, Partial Retention, Modification and Maximum Modification.

Government Actions Regulation (GAR), Scenic Area & VQO Orders

Under the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA), the Government Action Regulation (GAR) provides the authority, criteria and process for establishing Scenic Areas and Visual Quality Objectives. Many of B.C.’s scenic areas and VQOs were carried forward from the Forest Practices Code to FRPA. In cases where scenic areas lacked VQOs or the VQOs were flexible, VQOs have been established through Government Actions Regulation orders. GAR orders must be posted.

FRPA Bulletins

An exploration of the role of government agencies and licensees in managing for visual quality.

This document concerns the salvage of beetle-killed timber from scenic areas.