Management Objectives/Values

One of the most important decisions made in any reforestation program is how to meet stand and landscape objectives over time. Here we provide information to help evaluate tree species in the context of Management Objectives/Values.

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If forest harvesting has happened within sight of a city or town, or if there have been public complaints about the harvesting, regrowth may need to happen more quickly than usual to improve the visual appearance of the area. This can happen by

  • Choosing species with a broad or bushy profile,
  • Using larger planting stock, or
  • Increasing the density of planting.

In addition, it may be more appropriate to use non-clear cut silvicultural systems in visually sensitive areas (for example, selection, shelterwood, seed tree).

When there is a range of acceptable species, shade-tolerant species that will be successful under a partial cutting regime will provide greater flexibility for managing visual quality in the future.