Ecologically suitable species and landscape descriptions

The Tree Species Selection Tool provides:

  • Landscape-level descriptions of the tree species for a given Biogeoclimatic ecosystem Classification (BEC) subzonevariant
  • Information on ecologically suitable tree species (climatically suitable species and populations) for BEC site series without a management filter

On this page:

Landscape-level species descriptions

Landscape species descriptions have been developed to provide an overview of the tree species age class profile and a “snapshot” of the natural and managed landscape within a BEC subzone variant.

Ecologically suitable tree species information

(BEC) subzone/variant-ecologically suitable species information is provided to the site series level in a BEC zone Microsoft Excel workbook, with a tab for each of its subzone/variants. Each subzone variant’s ecologically suitable species list includes all the species that would be found naturally growing on the sites without being filtered with a management objective.

The workbook was created through peer review by regional ecologists, silviculturists, forest health specialists, and practitioners. The initial review began with a comparison of the species in the Reference Guide to develop FDP Stocking Standards (XLSX, 687KB) and the BEC ecological plots database.

The current set of ecologically suitable species lists have not been modified for future climates. 

The tree species included in the BEC zone workbooks are considered to be adapted to the site’s environmental conditions, including the variability in these conditions that may occur over time.

Landscape-level descriptions and ecologically suitable tree species information