Clearcut with Reserves

The clearcut system manages successive, even-aged stands by cutting the entire stand of trees at planned intervals (the rotation). New stands then regenerate in their place. A “clearcut with reserves” is a variation of clearcutting that retains uniformly spaced or small groups of trees for purposes other than regeneration. Clearcutting provides baseline data for comparing forest health and productivity in silvicultural systems that use partial cutting.

For photos of clearcut with reserves see Tour Stop 8.

Immediately after first entry:

simulated image of clear cut reserves immediately after first entry

After 30 years:

simulated image of clearcut with reserves after 30 years

A view of the clearcut with reserve treatment at the following intervals:

Immediately after harvest:

image of clearcut immediately after harvest

Five years after harvest:

image of clear cut after 5 years

Summary Description of Key Features

Silvicultural System: Clearcut with Reserves
Treatment Unit Size: 10.9 ha
Opening Size: 10.9 ha
Deferred Areas: none
Retention Structures Objective: 0.3 ha reserve
Age Structure: Even-aged