Aggregated Retention

The aggregated retention system retains individual trees and groups of trees within the cutblock for the purpose of maintaining or protecting environmental values and structural diversity during at least one rotation. More than half the total area of the cutblock is within one tree-height from the base of a tree or the cutblock boundary. This study will examine windthrow and the spread of root disease from residual to regenerating trees, which are potential problems with this treatment.

For photos of aggregate retention see Tour Stop 11.

Immediately after first entry:

simulated image of aggregate retention immediately after first entry

After 30 years:

simulated image of aggregate retention 30 years after first entry

A view of the aggregated retention treatment at the following intervals:

Immediately after harvest:

A view of the aggregate retention treatment immediately after harvest

Five years after harvest:

A view of the aggregate retention treatment 5 years after harvest

Summary Description of Key Features

Silvicultural System: Aggregated Retention
Treatment Unit Size: 25.5 ha
Opening Sizes: 4.4, 6.4, and 11.5 ha
Deferred Areas: 3.2-ha adjacent area temporarily deferred
Retention Structures Objective: 2.6 ha of internal reserves and 5.5-ha riparian reserves
Age Structure: Two-aged