Forest Inventory Update

The Vegetation Resources Inventory must stay current to reflect changes due to manmade and non-man made disturbances such as harvesting, fire, insect and disease.  The update process includes the identification, mapping and describing the changes that occur on the forest landbase.

In 2007 the Province launched a new system to update the Provincial Forest Inventory.  That system is called the Vegetation Resource Inventory Management System (VRIMS).

This tools allows users to input new harvest and Free Growing data extract information from the  Province’s Reporting Silviculture Updates and Land status Tracking System (RESULTS).  Licensee’s are mandated to report their silviculture activities to RESULTS annually.  VRIMS and the VRIMS team extracts and verifies this information and integrates it into the Vegetation Resources Inventory.

VRIMS is also used to load new Forest Inventories into the database.  In addition, VRIMS provides the tools required to grow and project the trees annually.  This data is then posted to the BC Geographic Warehouse and is made available to forest managers and the public.