Private Timber Marks

A private timber mark is required to transport logs from privately-owned land. A timber mark certifies ownership of the logs and helps prevent theft of timber from Crown land. A timber mark does not grant authority to cut timber, please check with your applicable local government to determine if additional approvals are required.

Apply for a Private Timber Mark

Owners of fee simple land, holders of an agreement to purchase, or registered owners of timber must apply for a private timber mark. If the property is registered in more than one name, all owners must complete and sign the application form. 

A timber mark application may be submitted for multiple properties provided the properties are registered in the same name and are located in the same natural resource district. 

Changes, such as the following, can be made to an existing Timber Mark by selecting “amend”, “renew” or "cancel" on the application form:

  • Amend a timber mark
  • Add or remove properties
  • Renew an expired or cancelled timber mark
  • Cancel a timber mark

Send your completed application and supporting documentation to the natural resource district office or FrontCounterBC which corresponds with where your timber originates.  Please note, we do not accept electronic signatures.