Harvest Billing System Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

The following documents provide the technical specifications and format requirements to assist HBS users with submitting data to and receiving data from the ministry in electronic format:

  1. HBS Technical Specifications for Industry
  2. HBS Submitted Scale Document Composition
  3. HBS Submitted Scale Document Edit Rules
  4. Vendor Test Scenarios

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition is defined as the electronic submission of detailed scale data through a Web browser. Companies and scale sites can send electronic load level scale data to the ministry on a daily basis, utilizing the approved XML data format.

Document Delivery

Document delivery is defined as the electronic delivery of invoices and statements. This is an automatic event driven process, using a Statement Delivery Profile which determines the client selected delivery method.

HBS users can request XML formatted reports for invoices, statements, reports and detail scale returns (Issued & Not To be Issued [NTI] status only)

Ministry users can request XML formatted reports from the Scale Control menu for the List of Late Submissions, List of Cut Block Departures, List of Arrivals from other Sites, List of Departures to Other Sites and List of Intra-Site Events