Renewable Naphtha

Effective January 1, 2022, renewable naphtha will be recognized as a renewable fuel in relation to gasoline class fuel. Naphtha is a component of gasoline that can be produced as a by-product from the production of gasoline, diesel fuel, and renewable diesel.  

Renewable naphtha can have a low carbon intensity and if it is blended with gasoline it can further reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fuels. Recognizing renewable naphtha enables a new compliance pathway for B.C. fuel suppliers under the low carbon fuel standard while also creating a new market for producers to sell their renewable naphtha.

Producers of renewable naphtha may apply to the director for approval of a fuel carbon intensity that has been determined in accordance with the requirements of the Renewable & Low Carbon Fuel Requirements Regulation.

For more information, see the Low Carbon Fuels page.