As of 2019, less than five (5) percent of the fuel supplied in British Columbia was exempt from the requirements of the Regulation. For annual volumes of exempt fuel supplied, see Information Bulletin RLCF-007.

Exemption Overview

The Regulation allows companies that supplied less than 25 million litres of fuel in 2021 to apply for exemption from the renewable or the low carbon fuel requirements. The limit was reduced to 200,000 litres starting in 2022.  

For more information, see: Exemption Report (RLCF-005)

Applying for exemption

To apply for exemption, complete the "Exemption Report" provided below and submit to lcfs@gov.bc.ca. Exemption reports are due by March 31, following the compliance period. Suppliers who submit an Exemption Report do not need to submit a Compliance Report.