Energy Utility Demand-side Management (DSM)

Utilities and the B.C. government have worked together to ensure a coordinated approach to conservation and efficiency is actively pursued in British Columbia.

  • The 2007 BC Energy Plan (PDF, 1.8MB) set an ambitious conservation target (50% of electricity demand growth) and encouraged utilities to offer cost-effective and competitive demand-side management (DSM) programs to their customers
  • The 2010 Clean Energy Act reaffirmed utilities' mandate to offer demand-side measures to consumers – a BC Energy Objective – including displacing 66% of BC Hydro’s increase in demand via demand-side management initiatives
  • The Ministry sets guidelines for the evaluation of the cost effectiveness of DSM programs using the Demand-side Measures Regulation
  • The Guide to the DSM Regulation (PDF, 664KB) provides a detailed overview of those guidelines
  • The BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) reviews and approves the expenditure applications of all public utilities, including FortisBC and BC Hydro