Industrial and Commercial Electricity Rates

What Do Electricity Consumers Pay?

Utility rates in B.C. are regulated by the British Columbia Utilities Commission.  Rates are set based on the estimated costs of providing service to different types of customers and allowing fair return on utilities' capital investments.

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Keeping costs low for BC Hydro Customers

The provincial government and BC Hydro have worked to contain costs, through the Comprehensive Review of BC Hydro Phase 1 completed in 2019.  The Review identified cost savings, efficiencies, new revenue streams and other changes to keep electricity rates low, while ensuring sound regulatory and financial oversight of BC Hydro and enabling implementation of government policy priorities.

Increasing Electrification

Advancing electrification in B.C. will drive increased demand for clean electricity from existing and new BC Hydro customers during a time of energy surplus. It supports the province’s CleanBC Plan, increases BC Hydro revenues and helps keep rates low for BC Hydro customers.

BC Hydro’s industrial electrification rates offer a discount on BC Hydro’s standard industrial rates to:

  • new clean industries setting up or expanding operations in B.C., including hydrogen and biofuels;
  • eligible existing customers that install new equipment that uses electricity rather than fossil fuels; and
  • eligible new customers that can demonstrate they could have used fossil fuels rather than electricity to power their facilities.

The CleanBC Facilities Electrification Fund also provides support to customers to reduce the costs of connecting to the electricity grid or upgrading their connections to use more electricity and reduce emissions.

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