Phase 2 of the Comprehensive Review of BC Hydro

The Province and BC Hydro have released recommendations from Phase 2 of the BC Hydro Review to keep rates affordable and encourage greater use of clean, renewable electricity to reduce emissions and achieve climate targets.

Guided by input from a panel of external energy industry experts, government and BC Hydro have developed recommendations under      Phase 2 of the BC Hydro review to reduce electricity costs for individuals and businesses as envisioned by the CleanBC climate strategy. This is also in alignment with TogetherBC, the Province's poverty reduction strategy, and its guiding principle of affordability.

Recommendations include having BC Hydro consider providing more support for lower income BC Hydro customers. These include incentives, and exploring optional rates for customers to adopt electric heat pumps and facilitating customer adoption of controllable energy devices that provide BC Hydro the ability to offer incentives in return for helping to manage a customer’s electricity use.

Electrification of B.C.'s economy helps customers reduce their carbon footprint and supports the Province’s CleanBC climate strategy, and it’s an important part of keeping electricity affordable. As more customers make the switch from fossil fuels to using clean electricity in their homes, vehicles and businesses, BC Hydro’s electricity sales will increase, providing more revenue that helps keep rates affordable for everyone.

In July 2021, the Province announced a first set of recommendations from Phase 2 of the BC Hydro Review. The next announcement from Phase 2 will include recommendations to increase the number of electric vehicles on the road.

In addition, as part of the Draft Action Plan to advance the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, the Province is proposing to engage with Indigenous peoples to identify and support new clean energy opportunities related to CleanBC, the BC Hydro Review and the British Columbia Utilities Commission Indigenous Utilities Regulation Inquiry.

Additional background information on this second set of recommendations can be found in the August 27, 2021 news release (PDF, 556.4 KB).

The recommendations flowing from Phase 2 of the Review will support the development of BC Hydro's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to be filed with the B.C. Utilities Commission in 2021. The IRP outlines how BC Hydro plans to safely provide reliable, affordable, clean electricity to meet customers’ needs now and into the future.

The Phase 2 Review was initiated in July 2019 and was guided by the Comprehensive Review of BC Hydro Phase 2 - Terms of Reference (PDF, 320 KB).

Incorporating advice from the nine external energy experts, a Phase 2 Interim Report was released March 6, 2020. The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation received feedback from Indigenous Nations and organizations, stakeholders and customer groups in response to the interim report that were considered as part of the Review’s final recommendations to Government. Feedback on the Phase 2 Interim Report can be found below: