Kalum Sustainable Resource Management Plan

The Kalum Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) was approved by Cabinet in 2001. In 2006, the Kalum SRMP implemented some of the Kalum LRMP objectives and strategies by legally establishing them under a Land Use Objectives Regulation Order for the Kalum LRMP area (excluding the Kowesas landscape unit). 

The Kalum SRMP area contains legally established wildlife habitat areas for coastal tailed frogs, and ungulate winter range for mountain goats and for moose (UWR 6-009) for the Kalum timber supply area and TFL 1 and TFL 41.

Part of the Kalum SRMP area is within the southern boundary of the Nass and Nass wildlife area. The Kalum SRMP recognizes that the Nisga’a Final Agreement establishes a number of joint Nisga’a/provincial/federal committees to facilitate the planning of certain activities in those areas.

In December 2017, two amendments were made to the 2006 Land Use Objectives Regulation Order associated with the Kalum SRMP. One amendment. consisting of several objectives, was made to fulfill the Gitanyow Recognition and Reconciliation Agreement (2012) between the B.C. government and the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs; the other was made to Objective 10 of the Order to better protect the Skeena Islands and bring into force the best management practices for the area as directed by the Kalum SRMP. Also, old growth management areas were established under the Oil and Gas Activities Act to be consistent with those already established for the purposes of the Forest and Range Practices Act.