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Last updated on February 12, 2024

The Residential Program provides Crown land for permanent residential development by individuals and private developers. Crown land may be made available in urban and rural areas either by public tender or public lot draw.

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In remote areas, where the need for residential land cannot be met by the private sector, Crown land may be available by application. Crown land may also be available when residential use is required in support of an industrial or commercial activity.

Individual applications for new recreational or residential shoreland tenures are not accepted. However, a limited number of existing shoreland residential lots may be in the Crown land sales inventory and available for purchase.

Application documents

The following documents should be reviewed prior to submitting your application:

The following documents must be completed prior to submitting your application:

Who may apply?

Eligibility for residential tenures is detailed in the Eligibility section of the operational policy (PDF, 223KB). For more information or if you have questions please contact FrontCounter BC prior to submitting your application.

There are restrictions on new tenures and obtaining more than one tenure per family unit. New shoreland tenures are not currently being offered but replacement tenures are

Types of tenure

Depending on the intended use, the services and access available, and the required tenure term, a lease or licence of occupation may be issued by the Province.

  • Urban and rural Leases are issued where substantial improvements to the land are to be made, or where boundaries are necessary to avoid conflicts with neighbours operators. A lease is issued for up to 30 years and thus can be adjusted to fit an applicant's needs
  • Seasonal leases are issued for up to 15 years
  • Remote residential licences of occupation is available for uses that are not permanent or where there are specific restrictions or management objectives. A licence is normally issued for a term of 10 years
  • Crown land for residential purposes may be sold and if so will be offered at fair market value of the land

Fees and costs

Pricing and tenure term for lease and licence tenures is as follows:

  • Urban and rural residential leases are priced at 5% of British Columbia Assessment (BCA) actual land value
  • Seasonal residential leases are priced at 3% of BCA actual land value
  • Remote residential licences are priced at $4.5% of BCA actual land value

At no time will annual rent be less than $675 year.

Additional requirements

The most common reason for delay is submission of an incomplete application, which is then returned to the applicant.

If your application is accepted, you'll be notified if Advertising is required. Please wait for confirmation before advertising.

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