Transfer of Seniority

Change of Ownership

If the owner/company of a piece of equipment transfers ownership to an immediate family member (son, daughter, brother, sister), the seniority will then be maintained by the family member. For example, this is usually done when a father retires and transfers ownership of business to his child.
If equipment that is sold or otherwise transferred to any other person other than an immediate family member, the seniority of the equipment is lost.

Equipment Replacement

Equipment can be replaced by the same owner/company as long as it is in the same category as the piece it is replacing (e.g., a 1995 D9N Caterpillar crawler can be replaced by a 2003 D9R Caterpillar crawler). The seniority for this piece of equipment is not affected.

Transfer of Equipment Seniority

Once a year, Equipment Seniority can be transferred to an owner’s newer unit in the same type and size category. For example, if you own a 1998 Hitachi 200 excavator and purchase a 2010 Hitachi excavator rated the same size, the seniority factor belonging to the 1995 unit can be transferred to the 2010 unit. The 1998 unit will be reset to ‘0’ seniority and become the secondary unit for that owner.

Moving and Seniority

Seniority does not transfer if an owner moves from one district/local area to another district/local area. 

Owners must reside in the new district/local area for a minimum of 12 months before they can register their equipment.

An equipment owner cannot register the same piece of equipment in multiple districts/local areas.