BCAB #882 - Safety Glass in Bathtub Enclosure

October 8, 1986

BCAB #882

Re: Safety Glass in Bathtub Enclosure

With reference to your letter of August 25, 1986, regarding windows in a bathtub enclosure.

This issue was addressed in a previous appeal No. 593, which ruled that a window in a wall around a bathtub formed part of the enclosure. As such Article applies, and as indicated in that previous appeal, safety glass is required.

A point not established earlier was the height at which a window should be subjected to these requirements. While this specific point is not addressed in the Code, a height of 1070 mm used for guards would seem to be a suitable standard and we consider this dimension as reasonable for the purpose of safety glass requirements in this situation. Under the circumstances we would regard your installation as acceptable in this regard.

An acceptable application to windows in a bathtub enclosure would be by using the bottom edge of the window glass as a reference. If this is located at 1070 mm or less above the rim of the tub, safety glass should be used.

Applying the same principle to a shower receptor we consider a height of 1410 mm above the receptor floor to be reasonable.

J.C. Currie, Chair