BCAB #593 - Mirrors, Windows & Steps at Whirlpool Bath, Articles and

BCAB #593

April 15, 1982

Re: Mirrors, Windows & Steps at Whirlpool Bath, Articles and

With reference to your letter of March 10, 1982 regarding a whirlpool bath.

Article of the Building Code requires glass in a bathtub enclosure to be safety glass. Basically this is a hazardous location and the glass is likely to be subjected to human impact loads.

With respect to the design submitted, the Board does not consider that the mirrors, which are adhered to drywall, are required to be of safety glass. We consider them to be a finish in this instance.

Regarding the window, we cannot accept-that this is not part of the tub enclosure. It is as much a potential hazard as the conventional sliding glass panel enclosures. Under the circumstances we consider that safety glass is required.

The steps leading to the whirlpool are covered with vinyl flooring, with carpet installed over. We do not consider this to contravene Article

J.C. Currie, Chair