BCAB #1051A - Self-Service Storage Buildings, Appeal #1051

April 10, 1989

BCAB #1051A

Re: Self-Service Storage Buildings, Appeal #1051

With reference to your letter of March 31, 1989 regarding Appeal #1051.

In our decision of March 3rd, we established the basic principles which governed the application of the Code to the structure, and suggested reconsideration of the design. For us to go beyond this point requires the advice of specialists in fire protection, we are not fire protection engineers.

From the information available we consider that there must be some involvement by others on this issue, this appeal would seem to be establishing precedents for future projects that could become critical. Obviously there is a potentially high level of hazard, necessitating not only early fire detection but also the capability of dealing adequately with the safety of any occupants, even if low in numbers. This requires knowledge of fire fighting techniques capable of coping with the unusual type of hazards inherent in this situation.

Under the circumstances we consider that the provincial Fire Commissioner's office should become involved, and suggest a meeting between that authority, yourselves, and the building inspector. We see no reason why this should not resolve the dispute, without our further services, but will of course still assist if it becomes necessary.

J.C. Currie, Chairman