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The AgriService BC Team

Our team of experts has a broad range of industry knowledge and connections to guide you to the most appropriate programs and services.

Industry Specialists and Regional Agrologists

Industry Specialists and Regional Agrologists

Ready to assist by providing farming information and can point you in the direction of resources to resolve production challenges and manage your land and water sustainably.

Aquaculture and Seafood Specialists

Aquaculture, Fisheries and Seafood Specialists

Have answers to licensing questions and fish health monitoring. They can help you navigate seafood funding opportunities and stewardship certifications.

Food Processing Consultants

Food Processing Consultants

Have the specialized knowledge to help you find answers to your specific processing questions, from where to source materials and equipment, to certification opportunities and more.


New Entrant Agrologist

New Entrant Agrologist

A wealth of knowledge to help you figure out all that's involved in starting up a new farm business, and can connect you with other farmers.

Business Managment Professionals

Business Management Professionals

Can provide you with tools to crunch production numbers, analyze your strengths and opportunities, and  connect you with advisory services to plan for the future and take action.

Insurance and Income Protection Specialists

Insurance and Income Protection Specialists

Can help determine which products will best help you manage your financial risks in farming.


Market Development and Promotions Experts

Market Development & Promotions Experts

Are well connected in domestic and international markets. They can help you access marketing resources, conduct market analysis, and find answers to your unique market-access questions.