Animal Health Centre

Questions? Office staff are available by phone (604-556-3003) and email ( during regular business hours. 

If you suspect avian influenza, please contact your local CFIA District Office who will advise you on further steps.

For Avian Influenza related inquiries, review the ministry’s response resources.

Status of services

Necropsy – birds only.  No necropsy for other species.

Bacteriology – all services are available, including receipt of fresh tissue samples for testing.

Histology – all services are available; submitted samples must be preserved (e.g., in 10% neutral buffered formalin).

Parasitology – all services are available.

PCR – All tests for avian pathogens are available. Bovine Rotavirus, Coronavirus, and Cryptosporidium are available. No other tests are available.

Serology – Blood, serum, and milk samples; all tests are available, except:

  • Equine Infectious Anaemia
  • Brucella BPAT
  • Avian Influenza ELISA
  • Avian Influenza AGID
  • Bluetongue ELISA
  • Virus neutralization tests

Virology – no services available.

Calf Scours Package  – Fecal sample for calves less than 14 days of age. Package includes: Culture & Sensitivity, Salmonella, E. coli, Cryptosporidium spp. direct fecal smear, PCR Rotavirus & Coronavirus.

Bovine Diagnostic Package – Fixed and fresh tissues sampled from field necropsy. Package includes: Histopathology, Bacteriology, and PCR if indicated for Rotavirus, Coronavirus, and Cryptosporidium.

Please continue to use alternative laboratories listed below for all other types of diagnostic testing.

Reportable Disease and Foreign Animal Disease Testing

Animal owners, veterinarians and laboratories are required to immediately report to the CFIA and the Chief Veterinarian of BC (CVO BC) when a reportable or foreign animal disease (FAD) is detected or suspected. Please use the links below for a list of reportable diseases, and how to find the appropriate CFIA Animal Health District Veterinarian, and the CVO BC for reporting a reportable disease or FAD suspect.

Reportable Diseases - CFIA

Reportable and notifiable diseases - CVO BC


The Animal Health Centre is the leading accredited full-service veterinary laboratory in Western Canada, offering more than 400 laboratory diagnostic tests for agents that may be found in wild and domestic birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians.


A thriving, sustainable agricultural industry free from serious impacts caused by pests and diseases, for the benefit of all citizens of British Columbia.


To diagnose, monitor, and assist in the prevention, control and management of animal pests and diseases in British Columbia.


The Animal Health Centre is accredited by:

Diagnostic testing and services

A full range of fee-for-service diagnostic testing, including Bacteriology, Histopathology, Molecular Diagnostics, Necropsy, Serology and Virology are accepted from veterinarians, livestock producers, the general public and other government agencies.

While primarily concerned with food-producing animals, the Animal Health Centre also provides diagnostic services for companion animals, captive and free-ranging wildlife, zoo animals, fish, and fur-bearers and bees.