Flood preparedness

Emergencies and disasters like floods, wildfires, droughts and disease can occur with little warning and have devastating consequences. Crop and livestock producers, like all business managers, need to have a comprehensive strategy to manage these risks and are strongly advised to develop an emergency preparedness plan for their farm.

The ministry prepared a number of factsheets on emergency preparedness including flooding to guide farmers to be as prepared as possible for such emergency disastrous events.

The Regional Adaptation Program of the Climate & Agriculture Initiative BC (CAI) prepared a toolkit that is intended to assist agricultural producers to assess flood risk and asset vulnerabilities, and to identify suitable farm-level strategies for reducing potential impacts associated with flooding.

The Province updated the B.C. Flood Emergency Plan to address the increase in frequency and intensity of flooding events and to anticipated future events.

Emergency Management BC (EMBC) provides resources including education programs, printed guides, and social media toolkits to share with communities on flood preparedness and recovery.