Flood forecasting

The links below provide information, advisories, forecasts and/or warnings on streamflow and/or conditions that may lead to an increased flood risk in your area.

The River Forecast Centre analyses snow pack, assesses seasonal water supply and flood risk, and predicts flows in B.C.’s rivers and streams.

The River Forecast Centre updates flood advisory and warning notifications.

Automated Snow Weather Stations (ASWS) are weather stations that are installed and maintained to capture snow water equivalent (SWE), snow depth (SD), cumulative precipitation (PC), and ambient temperature (TA). The high-elevation weather data produced from the stations is used by a variety of public and private agencies for purposes such as, river and flood forecasting, hydroelectric power generation forecasting, dam and dike management and avalanche forecasting.

Water level or discharge of watercourses within the last six hours can be viewed from the national government website.

BC Hydro’s hydrology group manages a network of over 150 automated, real-time reporting climate, snow and surface water stations to support reservoir management. The data is posted as information only for up to four days of historic data.

Visit the provincial website for weather conditions and forecast by locations.