Soil Nutrient Studies

Soil nutrient studies have been conducted for agronomic and environmental purposes, in three regions of British Columbia: Hullcar Valley (2016), the Lower Fraser Valley (2012 and 2005), and the Okanagan-Similkameen Valley (2007).

2016 Post-Harvest Nitrate Study: Hullcar Valley


  • Results did not support the use of the post-harvest nitrate test (PHNT) as a measure of environmental risk or nitrate leaching in the Hullcar Valley of the North Okanagan
  • Regardless of the fate of soil nitrate remaining at the end of a growing season, monitoring the amount of post-harvest soil nitrate is useful for improving the efficiency of nitrogen use
  • In the fall of 2016, 40 agricultural fields over or near the Hullcar Aquifer 103 were sampled for a baseline of PHNT results
  • Post-harvest nitrate test (PHNT) values were high or very high in 45% of the fields, suggesting improvements in crop nitrogen management are possible on these fields
  • Average PHNT was 138 kg N/ha among annual crops (primarily corn), 68 kg N/ha among perennial crops (primarily alfalfa)

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