Support for the B.C. Nutrient Management Calculator

Last updated on July 20, 2020


The Nutrient Management Calculator provides a starting point for the efficient use of fertilizer and manure on farms. This web-based tool assists in choosing the right rate and nutrient source for your crops.

  • A new version of the calculator was released on July 16, 2020.  If you load a .nmp file from a previous version, follow the directions within the site to update your file


Contact Information

For direct inquiries or assistance call or email AgriService BC and request a nutrient management or soil specialist to assist you.

Telephone: 1 888 221-7141


Support for specific topics


Berry and tree fruit recommendations

The Nutrient Management Calculator does not include functionality for tree fruit, wine grapes, nuts, or berry crops at this time.  
Alternatively, there are production guides available for:


Saving work as an NMP file

On the Reporting screen of the Nutrient Management Calculator an NMP data file can be downloaded to save your work.  Depending on internet browser settings the file may automatically save to your downloads directory, or you may be prompted to save it to a directory of your choice.


Opening a saved NMP file

The .nmp file can only be opened with the Nutrient Management Calculator.  On the Reporting screen of the calculator an NMP data file can be downloaded to save your work. 

  • On the Home screen select ‘yes I have a file to load’ and find the NMP file in the directory where files are saved by your internet browser 

Custom crops and inputs

If a crop, manure, or other input are not included in the Nutrient Management Calculator, custom features can be used to add them. 
Information regarding nutrient composition and/or requirements is needed to add custom crops or inputs.  For assistance call or email AgriService BC and request a soil or nutrient management specialist to assist you.