Real Estate Consultations

Public consultations are a way for British Columbians to share their feedback on proposed new and amended policies, rules, regulations and legislation.

Legislative Consultations

Learn about the Mortgage Brokers Act (MBA) Review Consultation.

Learn about the Land Owner Transparency Act (LOTA) Consultation.

Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate Consultations

The Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate regularly seeks feedback from industry and the public on proposals affecting the provision of real estate services or real estate development marketing in British Columbia. Information on current and past consultations is available below.

Current Consultations

Proposed Changes to Administrative Penalties 

Provide feedback online by Friday, November 13, 2020.

Past Consultations

Organized by most recent consultation start date:

March 19, 2018

Real Estate Rules Consultation:

Sections 2-6.1, 2-8.2, 2-23, 5-11.1 and 5-18

September 6, 2017

Real Estate Rules Consultation:

Sections 1-1, 2-23, 3-3.1, 3-3.2, 5-1 (4), 5-8 (1) (a), 5-10, 5-11.1, 5-16 and 5-17

View all approved Superintendent's rules.