Reconstruction loans

Reconstruction loans were distributed under the Homeowner Protection Act from 1998 to 2009. The loans provided financial assistance to eligible homeowners to repair damage caused by faulty construction of the building envelope (the vertical walls that separate the living space from the exterior). 

These homes, built before July 1, 1999, were better known as ‘leaky homes’ or ‘leaky condos’.

The reconstruction loan program was originally administered  by the Homeowner Protection Office. After the program closed on July 31, 2009, the responsibility for the ongoing management of the loans transferred to the Receivables Management Office of the Ministry of Finance. This transfer occurred on April 1, 2010 and does not affect the existing terms of any loans.

Repay your loan

If your loan was funded by your financial institution, contact them regarding the repayment of your loan.

If your loan was funded by the Homeowner Protection Office, contact us at the Receivables Management Office for payment options.

Renew your loan

We evaluate all loans for renewal consideration prior to each loan’s end date. If your loan is nearing its end date, and you have not received a letter from our office, please contact us at the Receivables Management Office.

Change your banking information

To change the banking information for loans held by our office, download the Application for Personal Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (PDF, 742KB)


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