Home inspectors

British Columbia requires mandatory licensing for home inspectors.

Home inspectors operate under a legal framework provided by the:

  • Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and
  • Home Inspector Licensing Regulation

Consumer Protection BC is responsible for licensing home inspectors and enforcing the Act and Regulation.

Changes that Impact Home Inspectors, 2009-present

In Progress

The Superintendent of Professional Governance is considering a request for home inspectors to be regulated under the Professional Governance Act.

January 2020

The Province invited home inspectors to share their views on improving the regulatory model to strengthen the home inspection profession and promote consumer confidence in home inspections.

November/December 2016

The Province provided an update on the reform of regulations and clarification on adherence to a recognized Scope of Practice relating to the home inspector profession in British Columbia.

March 2016

The Provincial government introduced new rules that enable Consumer Protection BC to better oversee home inspectors in British Columbia and better protect consumers. You can read the Order in Council for more details. Additional information is also provided in the March 15, 2016 letter from Minister Responsible for Housing.

November 2015

The Provincial government commissioned an Industry Needs Analysis to assess the standards of practice, available training, and assessment methods that already exist for home inspectors in B.C. and propose a strategy for completing phase 2.

May 2015

Minister Responsible for Housing updates home inspectors.

September 2014

Province announced improving home inspector licensing requirements through a more standardized approach and enhancing Consumer Protection BC’s role in licensing, as a result of public and stakeholder feedback.

November 2013

Province invited public and stakeholder input on how to strengthen home inspector licensing requirements.

March 2009

British Columbia was the first Canadian jurisdiction to regulate home inspectors. Previously, home inspector training was voluntary.