Affordable housing actions

The Province is committed to making life more affordable for British Columbians and affordable housing in a key focus.

The Province released a comprehensive affordable housing plan on February 20, 2018: "Homes for B.C.: A 30-point Plan for Housing Affordability in British Columbia" (pdf). 

The 30-point plan addresses both housing supply and demand to ensure a stable housing market that works for British Columbians:

  • The government’s strategy creates a new role for BC Housing to work with a range of housing partners to build the right supply of housing for British Columbians including  moderate income households.
  •  BC Housing’s new HousingHub, will deliver affordable housing working with a broad range of partners  including:  the non-profit sector, faith organizations, the private sector, for-profit builders, all levels of government, post-secondary institutions and Indigenous Peoples.
  • First steps to curb speculation, tax fraud and money laundering in B.C. real estate include: adopting a speculation tax in fall 2018; increasing the foreign buyers’ tax and expanding it to more areas; increasing the property purchase tax and school tax rate on homes over $3 million; and increasing transparency in assignment of pre-sale condo purchases.
  • The Province is also taking action to end hidden ownership by collecting more information and ensuring greater transparency and information sharing with law enforcement, tax and other authorities.
  • Through partnerships with local governments, the federal government, and the private and not-for-profit sectors, the Province will begin to build 114,000 units of affordable market rental, non-profit, co-op, supported social housing, student housing and owner-purchase housing.
  • The government has also deepened affordability in social housing units coming on line.

Other affordable housing actions include:

  • In September 2017 the Province took concrete action to improve services for renters and landlords by providing $7 million over three years to increase resources in the Residential Tenancy Branch in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
    A new compliance unit will allow the branch to take meaningful action against landlords and tenants who are repeat or serious offenders.
  • The Province has closed the unfair fixed-tern lease loophole and eliminated the geographic rent increase clause from the Residential Tenancy regulation and the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy regulations.

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