Owning a home

In British Columbia, about 70% of households own their own homes. For many British Columbians, owning a home is an important investment towards financial security, wealth generation and retirement savings.

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Annual property taxes
Speculation and Vacancy Tax
The Home Owner Grant
Property tax deferment programs
Property assessment
Register your mobile or manufactured Home

Annual property taxes

Homeowners in B.C. pay annual property taxes. Learn more about the annual property tax.

Speculation and Vacancy Tax

All residential property owners in designated taxable regions of British Columbia will have to complete a declaration for the proposed speculation and vacancy tax. Find out if the speculation and vacancy tax applies to you.

Home Owner Grant

The province’s Home Owner Grant can reduce the amount of property tax home owners pay each year. Learn more about the Home Owner Grant.

Property tax deferment programs

Some home owners can be eligible for property tax deferment programs. This includes home owners who are 55 years and older, a surviving spouse, a person with a disability and a parent, stepparent or someone who is financially supporting a child. Learn more about property tax deferment programs.

Annual property assessment

The annual property assessment significantly influences the amount of property taxes you pay. You will receive your property assessment notice from BC Assessment each year in January.

Your property is assessed to determine its: value, classification, exemptions (if any). In most cases, the value is an estimate of your property's value as of July 1 of the previous year. To determine the value of your property, an assessor compares your property to actual sales in the same area.

If you notice an issue or have a question about your property assessment, contact BC Assessment to discuss your concerns. You may also file a Notice of Complaint to appeal your assessment. If you appeal, once a decision is made your property taxes may decrease, increase or stay the same.

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Property Assessment Review Panel

Welcome to the Property Assessment Review Panel information website.

Property assessment complaints are not valid if filed directly with the Property Assessment Review Panels or the Property Assessment Review Panel administration office – all complaints must be filed directly with BC Assessment by January 31.