Medical Device Distributors Access to PharmaNet

With access to PharmaNet's secure computer network, each registered medical device distributor can submit electronic claims for eligible devices and supplies and have them processed almost immediately.

Medical device distributors (MDDs)

For PharmaCare purposes, a medical device distributor (MDD) is a manufacturer or authorized distributor of medical devices and their related products (such as replacement parts and supplies).

MDDs are not licensed to sell drugs of any kind, and they are not bound by the B.C. College of Pharmacists bylaws. They may sell their products either directly to the patient or to an authorized re-seller such as a pharmacy or medical supply store.

To participate in PharmaCare, an MDD must have entered into a contract with the Ministry of Health to provide their device. They also need to apply for enrolment in PharmaCare. 

MDDs must be located in B.C. to access PharmaNet. They may be granted limited access to PharmaNet, upon application to the Ministry of Health, for the purpose of submitting claims to PharmaCare.

Overview of PharmaNet service

You are provided access to PharmaNet only for the purpose of submitting claims to PharmaCare.

By connecting to PharmaNet, approved users:

  • Receive immediate information on the portion of a claim to be paid by the patient and the portion (if any) covered by PharmaCare
  • Do not need to complete and submit paper forms, and
  • Receive prompt payment for eligible claims (real-time adjudication vs. 2-3 weeks for manual claims)

PharmaNet access restrictions

Access to PharmaNet will be granted only to sites located in British Columbia.

Any online PharmaNet claim must be processed by the B.C. site (that is, it cannot be processed remotely from another location), and any personal information derived from that claim, rather than directly from the patient, must remain in B.C.

These restrictions are needed to ensure patient privacy is protected according to B.C. legislation.

Register for claims access to PharmaNet

Before you request access to PharmaNet, please ensure that you have submitted your enrolment as a PharmaCare provider and meet all conditions and fulfill all requirements in the Medical Device Distributor Claims Access to PharmaNet - Policies & Procedures (PDF, 3.3MB).

Each person who registers should have read the following documents:


Organizations ("sites") and individuals must now request Ministry of Health approval to access PharmaNet. To request approval, individuals enrol in PRIME, and sites register. MDDs should contact for the paper registration form.

New PharmaNet users must enrol in PRIME before they can access PharmaNet to process claims.

Individuals that had access to PharmaNet on November 30, 2020 are considered "legacy users." They will be required to enrol in PRIME eventually. It is recommended they enrol now. They will need to set up their BC Services Card app on a mobile phone or tablet.

Note: Only authorized MDD staff are allowed to access PharmaNet to process claims. Legacy users will have signed confidentiality undertakings, so their access is under the control of their site's manager.

Manager and staff training

Every person who will use PharmaNet must be trained by an approved software vendor before they access the system.

PharmaNet software vendor selection

An MDD must select a vendor (i.e., software support organization - SSO) that has been approved by the Ministry to provide PharmaNet-compliant online claims processing software.

Confidentiality undertaking by the MDD's software vendor

There are times when an MDD may need a software vendor's help with the installation, testing, maintenance or repair of the PharmaNet-related hardware or software.

Technical support access to PharmaNet is covered by section 6 of the Information Management Regulation. Please note the requirements for documentation.

Conformance standards

Both MDDs and software vendors must adhere to the PharmaNet professional and software conformance standards for community pharmacies. These standards are set forth in the Conformance Standards Documentation for PharmaNet.


For further information or support, please contact the Help Desk:

Office: 250-952-1234 (Victoria)
Office: 1-888-764-2323 (Toll-free)