2.5 Changes to PharmaNet Connections

General Policy Description

All PharmaCare providers must inform PharmaCare of any changes to their means of connecting to PharmaNet, such as software changes or changes to the equipment used to connect to PharmaNet.

All changes must be reported to the appropriate Ministry representatives before the change is made so that they can update their records to preserve the provider’s connection to PharmaNet. Unanticipated changes should be reported as soon as possible afterwards to preserve or restore the provider’s connection.

Policy Details

Types of change to report

The following types of changes must be reported:

Types of change to report
Changes to local system software
  • Upgrade to a new version
  • Change from one vendor's software to another vendor's
Changes to means of connection
  • Change from SPAN/BC to connection over the internet via HN Secure
  • Installing new modem or router
Renovations or relocations that affect equipment
  • For SPAN/BC connections: renovations that affect Ministry-installed telecommunications equipment (e.g., modem, router and cabling) or connection/demarcation points
  • For HN Secure connections over the internet: installation of a new router or modem; change in an organization's internet protocol (IP) address
Network additions or modifications
  • Adding new workstations or Internet protocol (IP) addresses
  • Implementing a secure wireless Local Area Network
  • Closing a site
  • Decommissioning access to PharmaNet at a site

Who to contact about the change

Unless otherwise specified, the authorized representatives should contact the appropriate Ministry or HIBC representatives when dealing with changes to their organization’s PharmaNet connection.

Who to contact about the change
  • B.C. community pharmacies
  • Hospital in-patient and out-patient pharmacies
  • Device providers (except for insulin pump manufacturers/distributors)
Contact PharmaCare Information Support, HIBC
  • Hospital emergency departments
  • Health authority facilities
  • Insulin pump manufacturers/distributors
  • Community health practices
Contact Health Data Access Services (DAS), Ministry of Health

Providers may also have to submit details about their proposed changes on the HLTH 5433 - PharmaCare Provider Change (PDF, 746KB) form.

Required prior notice timelines

Depending upon the type of change being made, the Ministry may need up to 50 business days to process the change.

To determine how much time a proposed change will take, contact Information Support at HIBC.