Doctors of BC/Ministry of Health Requisition Committee

The Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health Working Committee to Review Standard Outpatient Requisition Forms and Related Issues (Requisition Committee) is a joint committee that provides oversight for standard outpatient requisitions for insured diagnostic services in accordance with regulatory requirements. Final approval of standard outpatient requisition forms rests with the Medical Services Commission.

Approved Diagnostic Outpatient Requisition Forms

Approved standard outpatient requisition forms can be obtained by contacting the Secretariat of the Requisition Committee at or via the physician resources section of the Doctors of BC website.

Requisition Committee Strategic Plan (2015-2018) (PDF, 3.9MB)

The Doctors of BC / Ministry of Health Requisition Committee completed a Revitalization Project in 2015 to review of its role, structure and policies to assess for their efficiency, effectiveness and appropriateness. A product of the Revitalization Project, the Requisition Committee Strategic Plan (2015-2018) provides a current state assessment and defines a three year plan developed with an understanding of the current state, proposed future state, and stakeholder input.  

For information on provincial laboratory requisitions, please visit the Laboratory Requisitions section on the Laboratory Services website.