Role and Obligations

Operators of assisted living residences need to ensure that the staff they hire, the services they offer and their day-to-day operations all serve to promote and protect residents’ health, safety and independence.

Operators have a legal obligation to follow the rules as described in the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, the Assisted Living Regulation and other relevant legislation.

The Community Care and Assisted Living Act sets out the legal principles and framework for operators of assisted living residences. The Act establishes the registrar and registry to regulate assisted living residences.

The Assisted Living Regulation provides details of the Act’s intent and directs operators about what they must (and must not do) in operating an assisted living residence.  The Regulation outlines operators’ responsibilities in 10 key areas.

Responsive Services and Support

In providing support to residents, operators also hold a responsibility to each person - to promote their independence and well-being and be responsive to their needs, capabilities and preferences. In order to be respectful of each resident, an operator must be able to work effectively with a variety of people with different backgrounds and unique needs.

Being respectful and responsive is less about “what” operators and staff do and more about “how” they do it. Responsive services are delivered in ways that make each individual person feel welcomed, acknowledged, listened to and supported in ways that make them feel safe and respected.