Surgical Wait Times

There are more than 300,000 surgeries performed in British Columbia each year. More than half of these are emergency or unscheduled procedures and never appear on a waitlist. These cases are not included on this website.

Scheduled surgeries are placed on the wait list by priority when the surgeon and the patient agree that surgery is necessary. Access to these surgical services is one of the top priorities of the Ministry of Health.

Surgical wait times data is collected in the Surgical Patient Registry and comes directly from the hospitals across the province. This website is designed to offer information about wait times for adult and pediatric scheduled surgeries performed in B.C.. It does not include wait time information on unscheduled surgeries.

The accuracy of the registry is entirely dependent on the data submitted by the facilities.

Understanding Wait Times

Educating yourself about wait times for surgical procedures can help prepare you for discussions with your physician about treatment options. Learn more about wait times in B.C., including wait time targets and how wait time data is collected and organized.

Preparing for Surgery, Treatments and Tests

Being scheduled for surgery, medical treatments or tests can raise a lot of questions and concerns. It is important to discuss treatment options with your family physician or specialist. Learn how you can start this conversation.

Wait Times Information

The Search Wait Times online tool allows you to search for the most recent wait times for elective surgeries in B.C.

You can search for adult or pediatric surgeries, and filter by a variety of criteria including procedure, health authority, hospital, or physician.

You can also use our Map Search to locate your local facility on a map and find specific wait time information.

The Ministry, in conjunction with the health authorities makes every effort to ensure the data contained on this site is accurate and timely, however it cannot guarantee the completeness of the information as it is gathered from a variety of health authority sources.