Case study: Residential tenancy

tenancy branch service counter

Service design challenge

The Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) provides in-person, over the phone, and online resources to support renters and landlords in B.C. The Branch needed to modernize its online service delivery options to help reduce wait times and streamline the process to resolve disputes between tenants and landlords.

Service design activities

The Strategic Design and Transformation Branch worked with the Residential Tenancy Branch to first research and understand what information was available to renters and landlords online and pain points with the dispute resolution process. The project team visited front counters, observed dispute resolution hearings and spoke with adjudicators to better understand common issues and challenges related to applying for dispute resolution and the dispute resolution process.

Building on the research findings, the project team led co-design sessions with Residential Tenancy Branch staff to develop prototypes for alternative online processes for the dispute resolution process. The team tested these prototypes with citizens in branch offices and also asked users to document their feelings, challenges and service experience throughout their dispute resolution process. The project team then developed a roadmap of the user journey throughout the dispute resolution process and service blueprints and recommendations for how online applications and resources could improve and streamline the dispute resolution process.

Outcome and impact 

The research and co-design process helped the Residential Tenancy Branch staff explore possible service design solutions within the branch to receive internal feedback and highlight potential changes to systems and processes. The Branch continues to improve their online presence and have made updates to their online application process.