Appointee Remuneration Committee

The Appointee Remuneration Committee oversees the remuneration provided to public sector appointees in:

Appointees usually receive remuneration directly from government or from the agency they are appointed to. 

Remuneration paid to public sector appointees serving in specific roles on boards and administrative tribunals includes: 

  • Per meeting fees
  • Per diem fees
  • Business travel and expense reimbursement

Every three years, the Committee reviews the Treasury Board directives on appointee remuneration to ensure there’s a consistent and transparent approach to how much is paid to the appointees. 

The Committee also classifies the positions on Crown Agency boards and administrative tribunals according to remuneration levels established by the Treasury Board.  

Remuneration paid to all board and administrative tribunal members must be disclosed every year so that this information is accessible and transparent to the public. 

More information on classifications and guidelines can be found in these directives: 

Committee Membership

Membership to the Committee is determined by the Chair of Treasury Board. The Public Sector Employers’ Council Secretariat serves as the Committee chair and supports the Committee, which comprises representatives from: