Economy Sector IM / IT Standards

Here you can find the IM/IT standards for the Economy Sector. More detail can be found for each standard in the detail column.

1. Application Development Standards

# Standard Description Detail
1.1 System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology This document describes the Economy Sector's guidelines for developing systems. It identifies relevant roles, responsibilities, processes and deliverables.


1.2 Application Development Environment Standards This document describes the acceptable tools, environments, and methodologies for use by internal and external developers.


1.3 Standardized Coding Practices These links provide software coding standards that the developers are expected to adhere to.

C# Coding Conventions
Secure Coding Guidelines
.NET Security Cheat Sheet


Team Foundation Server Standards

This document provides standards for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). TFS provides source code management, and automated builds and deploys as part of a DevOps pipeline.


Entity Relationship Modeling Standards and Guidelines

This document provides entity relationship data modeling standards and guidelines. Specifically, it provides sector standards for developing conceptual and logical models.

1.6 Database Design (Physical) Modeling Standards and Guidelines This document provides database design modeling standards and guidelines. Specifically, it provides sector standards for developing physical models. pdf
1.7 Application Maintenance Process This document describes the details of the Information Systems Branch (ISB) application support model including roles and responsibilities. pdf


2. Document Templates

# Standard Description Detail

System Design & Technical Architecture

A template document for describing the system design and architecture.


2.2 Application Support

A template document that provides details necessary for the ongoing operational support of the system.


2.3 Change Control Form A template form to initiate and manage a change request through a vendor. docx
2.4 Data Conversion Specification Template A template document that identifies the details necessary for implementing a data conversion. docx