Privacy & Information Management Training

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Mandatory privacy and information management training is provided for government employees and contractors and service providers.

These courses explain how and why you must:

  • Understand and support personal information and privacy awareness
  • Handle personal and confidential information responsibly
  • Prevent information incidents in the workplace, including privacy breaches

FOIPPA Foundations Course

FOIPPA Foundations is a free, interactive, online course on privacy and access fundamentals in BC for public body employees in the broader public sector, as well as BC government employees and contracted service providers.  

Mandatory Training for Government Employees and Government Contractors and Service Providers 

Government Employees

There is a mandatory course offered to government employees:

Contractors & Service Providers

All government contractors and service providers who collect or create personal information must complete FOIPPA Foundations and retain a copy of the certificate of course exam completion for their records.

The Step-By-Step Guide for Contractors explains what is required in order to successfully complete the FOIPPA Foundations course.

Find the Tools You Need

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