Tools and Templates


Statement of Acceptable Risk (SoAR) Template


These tools and templates are optional and are provided to help as you work through the process.

 ISRA Lite Template for non-critical systems (qualitative)

 ISRA Comprehensive Template for critical systems (quantitative)

Information Security Management and Risk Tool – iSMART

As the primary office of responsibility please ensure that you maintain primary records for your respective STRAs outside of iSMART.  iSMART is useful for generating your STRAs, but should not be used as long-term storage.  Note that STRAs can be exported from iSMART.

Return on Security Investment (ROSI) Template

Mobile Security Risk Assessment (MSRA) Template (for mobile applications)

Government of BC employees can learn more about STRAs and their sub-types on the intranet page for Security Threat and Risk Assessments.