Tools and Templates

Required – Statement of Acceptable Risk (SoAR) form

Core Government of B.C. - Statement of Acceptable Risk (SoAR) form

A completed, signed, and submitted SoAR is required for an STRA to be considered complete.


Greater Public Sector - Statement of Acceptable Risk (SoAR) form

Security Threat and Risk Assessment workbook for core Government of B.C. and the Greater Public Sector

Ministries may use their own internal templates and tools in conducting supporting STRA activities.

The following optional workbook is provided for ministries, and greater public sector entities, which could benefit from additional guidance in assessing security risks. Completion of this workbook can help you to successfully gather information which can then be used to complete and support a Statement of Acceptable Risks (SoAR). Use of this workbook is helpful when conducting quantitative Security Threat and Risk Assessments.