Cybersecurity Courses

List of security-related courses.

More courses and descriptions can be found in the SERENE-RISC Course Directory.

Online Courses



Athabasca University

Computer Science

  • Security and Risk Management (Security and Risk Management, ERMS 690) 

Law and Administration

  • Enterprise Information Security (Computer Science, COMP 660)
  • e-Commerce Security, Legal Issues and Ethics (e-Commerce, Business and Administrative Studies, ECOM 425)
  • Issues in Access to Information and Privacy Protection (Legal Studies/Governance/Criminal Justice, LGST 377 and GOVN 377 and CRJS 377)

Concordia University of Edmonton

Computer Science

  • Introduction to Computer Security (Computer Science, IT 201)
  • Security Policies, Standards and Management (Information Systems Security Management, ISSM 545)
  • Digital Forensics (Information Systems Security Management, ISSM 536)
  • Cryptology and Secure Network Communications (Information Systems Security Management, ISSM 533)
  • Advanced Network Security (Information Systems Security Management, ISSM 531)
  • Securing an E-Commerce Infrastructure (Information Systems Security Management, ISSM 525)
  • Operating Systems Security (Information Systems Security Management, ISSM 503)

Law and Administration

  • Governance, Risk and Control (Information Systems Security Management, ISSM 553)

King’s University

  • Software Testing and Security (Computing Science, CMPT 405)
  • Introduction to Computer Forensics (Computing Science, CMPT 355)

MacEwan University

  • Introduction to Computer Security (Computer Science, CMPT 280)

Mount Royal University

  • Computer Security (Computer Science and Information Systems, COMP 4535)
  • Network Infrastructure and Security (Computer Science and Information Systems, COMP 3533)

University of Alberta

Computer Science

  • Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (Mathematics, MATH 222)
  • Reliable and Secure Systems Design (Electrical and Computer Engineering, ECE 422)
  • Internet Security (Computing Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering, MINT 712)
  • Codes, Codemakers, Codebreakers: An Introduction to Cryptography (Computing Science, CMPUT 210)
  • Networks and Security (Computing Science, AUCSC 355)
  • Security in a Networked World (Computing Science, CMPUT 333)

Law and Administration

  • Computer and Information Systems Security (Continuing Studies, EXMGT 5618)
  • Information Access Applications: Issues and Practices (Continuing Studies, EXIAPP 8176)
  • Privacy in a Liberal Democracy (Continuing Studies, EXIAPP 8173)
  • Privacy Applications: Issues and Practices (Continuing Studies, EXIAPP 8174)
  • Information Access and Protection of Privacy Foundations (Continuing Studies, EXIAPP 8171)
  • Information System Security Management (Management Information Systems, MIS 427)
  • Health Information Access & Privacy (Continuing Studies, EXIAPP 8177)

University of Calgary

Computer Science

  • Spam and Spyware (Computer Science, CPSC 628)
  • Cryptography and Number Theory with Applications (Electrical Engineering, ENEL 635)
  • Information Theoretic Security (Computer Science, CPSC 630)
  • Cryptography (Computer Science, CPSC 669)
  • Network Systems Security (Computer Science, CPSC 626)
  • Biometric Technologies (Computer Science, CPSC 697)
  • Computer Viruses and Malware (Computer Science, CPSC 627)
  • Information Security Seminar (Computer Science, CPSC 696)
  • Information Theoretic Security (Computer Science, CPSC 530)
  • Spam and Spyware (Computer Science, CPSC 528)
  • Computer Viruses and Malware (Computer Science, CPSC 527)
  • Network Systems Security (Computer Science, CPSC 526)
  • Principles of Computer Security (Computer Science, CPSC 525)
  • Introduction to Cryptography (Computer Science, CPSC 418)
  • Explorations in Information Security and Privacy (Computer Science, CPSC 329)
  • Principles of Computer Security (Computer Science, CPSC 625)
  • Elliptic Curves and Cryptography (Computer Science, CPSC 629)

Law and Administration

  • Security Law (Continuing Education, BMC 236

University of Lethbridge

  • Cryptography (Computer Science, CPSC 3730)

British Columbia

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Computer Science

  • Security of Wireless Systems (Information Technology, INFO 4370)
  • Website and Cloud Security (Information Technology, INFO 4125)
  • Digital Forensics (Information Technology, INFO 4120)
  • Foundations of Computer Security (Information Technology, INFO 2411)
  • Security of Enterprise Networks (Information Technology, INFO 3170)

Law and Administration

  • Cyber Security for Managers (Continuing and Professional Studies, Business, BUSK 9004)
  • Introduction to Security Management (Security Management, SECU 2001)

Simon Fraser University

Computer Science

  • Cryptography (Mathematics and Computing Science/Mathematics, MACM 442 and MATH 742)
  • Cryptography and Cryptographic Protocols (Computing Science, CMPT 404)
  • Data Management and IS Audit (Business Administration, BUS 464)

Social Science

  • Computer Forensics and Cybercrime (School of Criminology, CRIM 480)
  • Advanced Issues in Cybercrime (School of Criminology, CRIM 481)

Law and Administration

  • ntroduction to Cybercrime (School of Criminology, CRIM 380)

Thompson Rivers University

Computer Science

  • Introduction to Computer Security (Computing Science, COMP 2730)
  • Network Security (Computing Science, COMP 3260)
  • IT Security (Computing Science, CMPT 4259)
  • Digital Identity Management: Concepts and Technologies (Computing Science, CMPT 4619)

Social Science

  • Computer Forensics and Cybercrime (Criminology, CRIM 4809)

Law and Administration

  • Introduction to Cybercrime (Criminology, CRIM 3809)
  • Information Security Management for Business (Management Information Systems, MIST 4620)

University of British Columbia

Computer Science

  • Introduction to Computer Security (Electrical and Computer Engineering, CPEN 442
  • Network Systems and Security Professional (Continuing Studies)
  • Securing an Online Enterprise (Continuing Studies, IB 400)
  • Computer and Information System Security (Computing Information and Cognitive Systems, CICS 518)

Law and Administration

  • Digital IP and Rights Management (Continuing Studies, IZ 109)

University of Northern British Columbia

Computer Science

  • Internet and Mobile Security (Mathematical, Computer, Physical, and Molecular Sciences, CPSC 744-3)
  • Cryptography and Data Security (Computer Science, CPCS 346-3)

Social Science

  • Intelligence and Security (Global and International Studies, INTS 378-3)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

University of the Fraser Valley

  • Advanced Topics in Information Security (Computer Information Systems, CIS 497)
  • Malicious Software and Attack Prevention (Computer Information Systems, CIS 325)
  • Networking Security Architecture (Computer Information Systems, CIS 321)
  • Network Security and Cryptography (Computing Science, COMP 490)
  • Principles of Information Systems Security (Computer Information Systems, CIS 221)

University of Victoria

Computer Science

  • Cryptography (Computer Science, CSC 529)
  • Digital Identity Management (Computing and Technology, TETS 461)
  • Computer Forensics Methodologies (Electrical Engineering, ELEC 570)
  • Security, Privacy, and Data Analytics (Electrical Engineering, ELEC 572)
  • Advanced Network Security (Electrical Engineering, ELEC 567)
  • IT Security (Computing and Technology, TECJ 425)
  • Network Security (Software Engineering, SENG 461)
  • Cryptography (Computer Science, CSC 429 and CSC 529)
  • Hardware Security (Electrical Engineering, ELEC 548 and CENG 448)
  • Security, Privacy and You (Engineering, ENGR 100)
  • Security Engineering (Software Engineering, SENG 360)
  • Cryptography (Computer Science, CSC 529)
  • Cryptography (Computer Science, CSC 429)
  • Practice of Information Security and Privacy (Software Engineering, SENG 460 and ELEC 574)

Social Science

  • White-Collar Crime (Sociology, SOCI 312)

Law and Administration

  • IT Security (Centre for Continuing Education, -)
  • How an IT Security Program Will Help Your Organization (Centre for Continuing Education)

Vancouver Community College

Cloud Computing

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Design
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
  • Microsoft Azure Data Design
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Network Security

  • Network Security - Advanced Certificate
  • IT Operations Professional Certificate

Vancouver Island University

Computer Science

  • Information Technology Security (Trades & Applied Technology, ITAS 218)

Law and Administration

  • Forensic Accounting and Data Analysis (Business and Management, FORE 410)
  • Forensic Investigation - an Integrated Case (Business and Management, FORE 490)
  • Forensic Investigations and Asset Recovery (Business and Management, FORE 350)
  • Accounting and Finance for Fraud Investigators (Business and Management, FORE 310)
  • Fraud and Commercial Crime (Business and Management, FORE 300)
  • Fraud, Commercial Crime and Evidence (Business and Management, LAWW 348)