The IDIM team has done extensive testing of the identity and authentication service, including:

  • Functionality for all identity information management and login processes, including interfaces with partners such as SecureKey. 
  • Performance
  • Security

Your tests can confidently treat the BC Services Card identity and authentication service as a black box.

What to Test

Your team will need to test your service to confirm that it works properly with the identity and authentication service and that it meets required security requirements.

Integration between systems:

  • Is the login process correctly initiated from your service? When the tester clicks to log in from your service are, they directed to the appropriate login screen?
  • If the tester cancels out of the login process are, they directed to the appropriate page? Is appropriate messaging displayed?
  • Is the logout process correctly initiated from your service?  When the tester clicks to logout from your service are, the sessions correctly ended?

Identity attributes: Does your system receive the correct identity attributes from identity and authentication service after the tester has logged in? You need to check that these identity attributes are being passed from the identity and authentication service.

Branding: Does the correct branding appear on all login screens?


Testing activities should be based on the technical design specifications created earlier in your project – they outline the expectations that must be met by the interface.

The IDIM team will provide you with test identities, passcodes and data (e.g. names and addresses). You won’t need cards and card readers for testing. The IDIM team will provide a virtual card testing mode to simplify testing.

Check out the testing guide for more information about building your test strategy:

Support during Testing

When you are ready to test your system, the IDIM team is happy to offer support. The team will help to work through any issue that comes up during this phase.