CPPM Procedure Chapter N: Vendor Complaints

This procedure of the Core Policy and Procedures Manual (CPPM) provides direction on the stages of the Vendor Complaint Review Process, which only applies to activities covered under CPPM Procurement Policy. This process is not applicable to activities covered under CPPM Government Transfers.

Vendor Complaint Review Process

The Vendor Complaint Review Process consists of the following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Informal discussions with the accountable ministry to address the complaint.
  • Stage 2 – If the complaint is not resolved to the Complainant’s satisfaction through informal discussions with the accountable ministry, a Complainant may submit a formal complaint under the ministry’s Vendor Complaint Review Process.
  • Stage 3 – If the formal complaint is not resolved at the ministry level to the Complainant’s satisfaction, a Complainant may escalate its formal complaint to the Office of the Comptroller General within 30 business days of being notified of the result of the Stage 2 process.

At the sole discretion of the Comptroller General, a formal complaint may be submitted by a Complainant directly to the Office of the Comptroller General without undertaking Stages 1 and 2.

Formal complaints can be submitted using the prescribed Vendor Complaint Review Process Form.

After a complaint has been received by the Office of the Comptroller General, ministries are responsible for providing the Office of the Comptroller General with all information relevant to the complaint.

Ministries are accountable for implementing any improvements to Procurement processes identified by the Comptroller General following a review of any formal complaint received.

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