Treasury Board Directives

A Treasury Board Directive is an instrument made or approved by Treasury Board that relates to government's internal policy.

The following numbered Treasury Board Directives (TBD) are in effect. Please click on the Directive Number below to view a copy of the TBD. The Directives are listed in date order from the most recent. 

NOTICE TO READERS: Please note that subsequent Treasury Board policy or other authority amendments may supersede portions of the Directive. For current policy, see the related topical sections in the financial policy and procedures manuals

Directive Number (PDF) Subject
1/23 Core Policy Framework and Approval Matrix for the Core Policy Procedures Manual (replaces TBD 1/21)
1/20 Remuneration Guidelines for Appointees to Administrative Tribunals (replaces TBD 1/17)
EFFECTIVE DATE: 1 May 2020. Contact: 
2/20 Remuneration Guidelines for Appointees to Ministry and Crown Agency Boards (replaces TBD 2/17)
EFFECTIVE DATE: 1 April 2020. Contact:
1/19 Establishment of provision for concessionary valuation adjustments for Student Loans
EFFECTIVE DATE: 27 March 2019
2/15 Authority to dispose of Atmospheric Benefit Rights and enter into Agreements respecting sharing of Atmospheric Benefits Rights
EFFECTIVE DATE: 17 December 2014
1/15 Treasury Board approval limits for claims settled under the Crown Proceeding Act (replaces TBD 1/99a)
1/12 Residential Accommodation Policy (replaces TBD 3/96)
1/11 Implementation of accounting standards by government organizations. EFFECTIVE DATE: 3 August 2010
1/07 Authorization of expenditures for the Judiciary
4/04 Delegation of authorities for specified financial and general management approval levels to Executive Financial Officers, Senior Financial Officers, Directors and Expense Authorities
1/03 Capital Asset Management Framework
3/01 Authority of the Comptroller General to Retain Money by Way of Setoff
1/01 Delegation of Deputy Ministers' Authorities for Specified Financial and General Management Approval Levels to Executive Financial Officers and Senior Financial Officer (amended by 4/04). Appendix 1(PDF)
3/00 Telecommunication Services 
2/00 Use of Set-offs to Collect Overdue Accounts Owed to the Government by Current or Former Government Employees
3/99 Electronic Data Channels – Use of BC OnLine
2/99 BC OnLine Information Service – Fees Retained
1/99b BC OnLine Information Service – Disposition
4/98 Authorization to enter into an agreement with TD Securities and the Trust providing financing for sale and leaseback of Light Vehicle Fleet
3/98 Authorization to enter into a fleet management services agreement with PHH
2/98 Authorization of lease back from PHH of Light Vehicle Fleet and replacement vehicles, pursuant to terms of an operating lease
1/98 Authorization for sale of the Light Vehicle Fleet
2/96 New Program Proposals
1/96 Continuous Service Contracts
2/95 Most Economical Airfare (amended by TBD 1/01 and TB Submission October 10, 2001 (PDF), amended by 4/04)
1/95 Air Travel Policy
2/94 Communication Expenditures and Approval
13/81 Submissions to Treasury Board
5/80 Contracts and Commitments
1/78 Treasury Board Directives


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